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Like First Light on Facebook to see information about what is happening and ways you can help! Volunteers are the heartbeat of First Light. Volunteers established First Light. The shelter in the basement of First Presbyterian Church was operated solely by volunteers. Even though First Light now has a staff providing social and administrative services, it is the presence of volunteers who are here daily and nightly which allows the center to survive. Moreover, the near constant presence of volunteers gives witness to all of our guests that they are not alone or forgotten by the community at large. Volunteers and staff have the same goal, but different roles and responsibilities- we are a team working together to serve homeless adults and children who come for help. Volunteering at First Light can be a deeply gratifying experience. We hear often how our volunteers get so much more than they give. Last fiscal year, our volunteers logged just under 10,000 volunteer hours! According to Independent Sector, the financial value of a volunteer's hour is $17.70. Using this figure, we can say that our volunteers made contributions valuing over $175,000 over the course of a 12-month time period. That is AMAZING! The unquantifiable contributions made by our volunteers are incredibly significant as well- a volunteer's smile or "hello" could change a guest's day or entire outlook. An encouraging volunteer could inspire a guest to have hope, gain some self-respect or seek out an opportunity. We love our volunteers. Read on if you'd like to explore becoming a part of our volunteer team.

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Kids can help too!