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Emergency Shelter
The First Light emergency shelter is a dorm-like setting which offers a bed, locker and bathroom and laundry facilities for 36 women and one family on any given night. An overnight volunteer is available to distribute hygiene products, distribute laundry detergent to those who need it, and to simply be present to those in crisis.

Overflow Emergency Shelter
On cold nights, on rainy nights, on weekends, where does one go when all shelters, including First Light’s emergency shelter, are full? The overflow emergency shelter was born from necessity. We now provide mats, pillows and clean linens 15-20 guests nightly.

Permanent Housing Programs
HUD 4th Floor Permanent Supportive Housing
First Light’s fourth floor is home for nine guests with severe mental illness who are unlikely to successfully live independently.

HUD Permanent Supportive Housing Programs
Approximately fifty program participants who were chronically homeless or have disabling conditions have been housed in apartments in Bessemer, Birmingham, Homewood and other metro areas through three programs. (Bessemer HUD, HUD East and Noah's Ark) The participants are provided intensive support from their Permanent Supportive Housing Social Worker.

Shelter Plus Care Permanent Supportive Housing Program
Shelter Plus Care is a collaboration between First Light and the Jefferson County Housing Authority through which housing and supportive care is provided to women who are homeless due to a disabling condition, such as mental illness, past substance abuse or HIV/AIDS. They are provided with intensive support from our Shelter Plus Care Social Worker and she helps with annual renewals for this voucher based program.

Project Healthy Minds
This is a comprehensive program which addresses the overall health and well-being of all of our guests. It includes group and individual counseling sessions, assistance with securing diagnoses and medications, (as well as keeping them organized with weekly med box fills on Friday mornings,) and transportation assistance when necessary.

Day Programs
This category entails the numerous activities offered to First Light guests by outside volunteers. They range from makeovers to Bible Studies to field trips.

If you need emergency shelter, calling 205-323-4277 is the fastest and most effective way to get the information and help you need.