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A birthday greeting card to honor a loved one

Become a fan of First Light on Facebook to find out up-to-the-minute information about ways you can help! There are so many ways to get involved at First Light! A. Financially …Sustaining the agency now and for the future

  1. One-time gift

  2. Make a contribution and have us send a BIRTHDAY or IN YOUR HONOR greeting card
  3. Monthly, quarterly or annual giving

  4. Donate stock

  5. Attend the annual First Light Gala (or donate money for tickets so others can attend)

  6. Participate in the annual Holiday Lights program; donate money and have holiday cards sent in honor or in memory of your loved ones

  7. Donate funds for the purchase of items such as furnishings or electronics that benefit the guests of First Light

  8. Have a dinner party and ask everyone to make a donation to First Light as their thank you to you

  9. Throw a birthday party and suggest that friends bring a check for First Light instead of a gift for you

  10. Do a fundraiser- call us before you make any plans!

B. Volunteering… Hand-in-hand experiences with guests or other volunteers

  1. Coordinate an in-kind donation drive in your clubs, churches, social groups and workplaces to supply guests with the basics of life

  2. Work projects

  3. Mentoring possibilities

  4. Conduct a group activity for the guests

C. Advocacy… Spread the word about First Light

  1. Place a note about First Light in your company or church newsletter

  2. Share the wonderful story of First Light with your friends, relatives and co-workers

  3. Help First Light make connections with corporate giving programs or foundations