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Current Shelter Needs:

MAIN NEED - All-purpose cleaner (no wipes please)

- styrofoam cups (10oz.)

- sugar

- creamer

- coffee

- 9-inch roll toilet paper






Wish List

Sponsor a guest moving into permanent housing

Sponsor a kitchen:   

Kitchen towels
Pot holder
Broom, mop and dustpan
4-place setting of silverware and dishes
Small set of knives
Small set of glasses or cups
Basic serving utensils (slotted spoon, spatula, etc.)
Bowls with lids/mixing bowls
1 pot and 1 skillet
Cookie sheet
Manual can-opener
Small toaster and small coffee pot would be nice
Garbage can and garbage bags (food stamps do not cover paper products or cleaning products)
All-purpose cleaning product
Dishwashing liquid                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Sponsor a bathroom:

Bath rug
Shower curtain and shower curtain rings
Set of 4 wash cloths/hand towels/bath towels
Small garbage can with garbage bags
Laundry basket
Hand soap and/or dispenser
All-purpose bathroom cleaner
Toilet brush

OR: donate department store gift cards so we can use for payment when assisting the guests with their move

Wish List