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Current Shelter Needs:

- coats and jackets (all sizes, 2X, and 3X)

- deodorant 

- baby powder

- dishwashing liquid

- hair brushes

- plastic eating utensils

- flip flops (small and large sizes)

- napkins

-Kleenex tissue

- med cups (Dixie cups 5oz.)

- disposable bowls

- face masks

- antacid

- breakfast bars

-underwear (size 9 and 10)

-body wash




-powdered drink mixes (Kool-Aid, sweet tea, lemonade)

- styrofoam cups (10oz. needed)

- glass cleaner

- grits (individual packets )

- gallon size zip loc bags

- cleaning liquids ( that can be poured in water Pine-Sol, Fabuloso, etc.) - can be any brand

- toilet bowl/ shower cleaner

- 12-15 gallon trash bags

- 60-gallon trash bags

- assorted cereal


Budget-Relieving Wish List for First Light:

Office Products 8.5"X11” white copy paper, Blue and black ink pens, White-out, black permanent markers , Manila envelopes for larger mailings, Glue sticks

Cleaning/Laundry Products Disinfectant cleaning liquids, Cleaning cloths, Windex or other hard surface cleaner, Toilet bowl cleaner, Toilet bowl brushes

Food and Kitchen Supplies:  English muffins, fresh or canned fruit, Disposable paper goods (plates, bowls, spoons, forks, knives, cups, napkins) Coffee creamer and sugar, Powdered drink mixes, Decaf coffee (we make 60 cups every morning)

Personal Items  Deodorant, Hair care products of all kinds, Over-the-counter pain relievers (please non-drowsy, alcohol-free, pseudoephedrine-free), cough/ cold medicine, conditioner, Sewing kits, Makeup of all shades and kinds

Wish List

Sponsor a guest moving into permanent housing

Sponsor a kitchen:   

Kitchen towels
Pot holder
Broom, mop and dustpan
4-place setting of silverware and dishes
Small set of knives
Small set of glasses or cups
Basic serving utensils (slotted spoon, spatula, etc.)
Bowls with lids/mixing bowls
1 pot and 1 skillet
Cookie sheet
Manual can-opener
Small toaster and small coffee pot would be nice
Garbage can and garbage bags (food stamps do not cover paper products or cleaning products)
All-purpose cleaning product
Dishwashing liquid                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Sponsor a bathroom:

Bath rug
Shower curtain and shower curtain rings
Set of 4 wash cloths/hand towels/bath towels
Small garbage can with garbage bags
Laundry basket
Hand soap and/or dispenser
All-purpose bathroom cleaner
Toilet brush

OR: donate department store gift cards so we can use for payment when assisting the guests with their move

Wish List