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Permanent Housing Programs

Shelter Plus Care

First Light's reputation in the nonprofit community invited the launch of our Shelter Plus Care program. We were asked to find funding for and begin a Shelter Plus Care program. This was a collaborative program combining the efforts of First Light, Pathways and the Jefferson County Housing Authority with First Light acting as the lead agency and providing the direct supportive services.

Since First Light still has program participants housed under the Shelter Plus Care umbrella, we continue to provide supportive care and assist those who we have housed each year with their renewal applications to the Jefferson County Housing Authority.

This Social Worker was assigned the daunting tasks of:

  • Making sure the program participants do everything necessary to keep their apartment

Shelter Plus Care

In our holistic approach to ending homelessness, we have learned that supportive services are the key to achieving deeper and longer-lasting effects. Those whom we encounter on a daily basis have an inner strength which, if nurtured, empowers them to make significant growth and change. It is to this end that the Social Worker directs all of her activities. While we no longer enter new participants to the program, we continue supportive care for those who remain in the housing that we helped them to acquire.

The Social Worker also makes home visits, phone calls and assists the program participants when they need to re-certify their housing vouchers each year.