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It's time to order Holiday Lights greeting cards

The Holiday Lights project is significant this time of year for two reasons: it offers a meaningful holiday gesture to our supporters, which, in turn, delivers a much needed income stream this time of year. Those on our mail list will receive the invitation to participate shortly before Thanksgiving. After a cash contribution, which can easily be done on our website, a holiday greeting card will be hand addressed and hand stamped with the names of people to honor or memorialize. The text reads: May your heart be as warm and your spirits as bright…as you have made ours. A generous contribution has been made in your honor to the homeless women, mothers and children of First Light shelter. This gift was generously given by xxxxxxx and comes with best wishes for a joyous holiday season! (the other card states that a generous donation has been made in memory of xxxxxxx)
This gesture expresses love, honor, sympathy and it shows that the sender feels a sincere passion for First light's mission. It is an ideal way to express honor for a business associate, employee, supervisor, customer, friend or family member.Contributing in memory of someone's loved one can mean so much to the person to whom you want to express condolences.
We encourage online orders because, to be honest, it cuts down on our return reply postage expenses. You can honor as many people or businesses as you wish. We hand address and stamp at least 60 cards for a company who uses this program to support First Light and honor their business associates at Christmas time.
To see more and/or do a Holiday Lights greeting for people you care about, you can go to the EVENTS - HOLIDAY LIGHTS page on the website.