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So What IS New at First Light This Month?

Thanks to board member Melissa Brisendine for hosting our first wine tasting/book reading event in her home with 25 friends who had fun learning a little about 5 different wines from Wynter Byrd, then, heard our book author, Ellen Dossett, read some short segments from the book. It’s an interesting way to hear how, in some instances, a life was saved by time spent at First Light…and hear it in our guest’s own words.

If you are interested in having such an event in your home contact Deb Everson. Gather 25-30 people(or more) to introduce them to your favorite agency. Have some light hors d'oeuvres. The purpose is not to sell wine (Wynter donates her time and brings 3-5 bottles to talk about)—this just makes it more interesting as folks try a new wine. Hopefully, your guests will buy books or make a donation. All of the proceeds go to First Light. Deb will come along to talk a bit about First Light and help answer questions.

You might be interested to know, also, that Deb has written a letter to churches offering a unique presentation about the book with commentary by her and readings from the book by Ellen. We are hoping that as religious educators and church group leaders are planning their curriculum for the coming year that they will invite us to come to share some of the stories told within the book.

Obviously, the program can be adapted to fit the setting in which they are invited to present. Hope you’ll consider this for your social network!

Our August board meeting was on August 2, where we welcomed NEW members. Another important volunteer opportunity wherein community members strive to bring attention to our mission, invite charitable giving, make strategic decisions and help with fund raising efforts. We welcome:

Rev. Susan Clayton, Faith McDonough, Jim Poole, Joy O'Neal, Jamie Sandford, and Susan Tipton

Welcome to our board, and thank you so much for serving!