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Volunteer Recognition

The number of volunteers and the significance of what they do to nurture and care for our guests present an insurmountable task when it comes to saying “thanks” or providing recognition. Awarding the Volunteer of the Year or the Volunteer of the Month is one small way for us to highlight the importance of volunteerism to our agency. Volunteers are the heartbeat of First Light. They sustain us.

The individuals listed below will be the first to tell you that they don’t do it for the recognition. Moreover, they represent hundreds of people who give their time and their compassion to homeless women and children.

Volunteer of the Month:

May 2012- Lakeasha Taylor, Hopewell AME Church
April 2012- Julie McLean, St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church Confirmation Class
March 2012- Courtney Lynn Alexander and Hannah Marie Howell, Birmingham Southern College
February 2012- Eukie Woodall, Mt. Brook Presbyterian Church
January 2012- Living Word Baptist Church
December 2011- Charlie Smith's Sunday School Class from Hopewell Baptist Church
November 2011- Lisha Li
October 2011- Chris Vizzina
September 2011- Ashley Young
August 2011- Pam Crider
July 2011- Gary Johnson
June 2011- Jeff and Melanie Young, Cahaba Heights Church
May 2011- Evelyn D. Perryman-Bradford
April 2011- Cheryl Holstine, Innerchange United Methodist Church
March 2011- Patti Eggers, Vestavia Hills United Methodist Church
February 2011- Betsy Britain, Bluff Park United Methodist Church
January 2011- Mary Anne Moseley, Leeds Presbyterian Church
December 2010- Ruth Cook, St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church
November 2010- Kim Dowe-Kirksey and Phyllis McCombs
October 2010- Jessica Germany, First Presbyterian Church
September 2010- Leslie Bentley, Our Lady of Sorrows
August 2010- Dawn Trull, Starnes Davis Florie
July 2010- Eileen Helms, Cathedral of St. Paul
June 2010- Victoria Williams, New Covenant Bible Church
May 2010- Jessica Werner
April 2010- Angie Hill
March 2010- Allison Seamon
February 2010- Rev. Kay Lawrence
January 2010- Maria Costa
December 2009- Lindsey Hull, UAB Golden Girls, and Rachael Wigington
November 2009- Bryan Bonds, Brookwood Baptist Church
October 2009- Christina Lupo
September 2009- Ann Sturgis
August 2009- Marla Monk
July 2009- Kiley Watson
June 2009- Cliff Nail and Ashley Reynolds
May 2009- Scott Ford, Gala Chairman
April 2009- Jill Marceau
March 2009- Hali Ford, Kellie Homrig and Molly O'Brien, Samford University
February 2009- Lakeshia Dunson, Doers of the Word and Starnes&Atchison
January 2009- Kristi Gilmore
December 2008- Debbie Ramseur
November 2008- Deby Wright and Marsha Harbin
October 2008- Melissa Williamson
September 2008- Kristin Johnson
August 2008- Elaine Hipps
July 2008- Tiffany Chiang
June 2008- Betsy Britain, Bluff Park United Methodist Church
May 2008- Judy Smith, Fairfield Highlands Presbyterian Church
April 2008- Rosie Montgomery, The Great Commission
March 2008- Stacey Norwood, Independent Presbyterian Church and Hoffman Media
February 2008- LaKeshia Dunson, Doers of the Word Christian Ministry Outreach
January 2008- Kim Dowe-Kirksey
December 2007- Kimberly Hain, The Cathedral of Saint Paul
November 2007- Dinah Toro
October 2007- Melissa Brisendine, Independent Presbyterian Church
September 2007- Mildred and Charlie Smith, Hopewell Baptist Church
August 2007- Mary Anne Little, St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church
July 2007- Mary Murphy
June 2007- Gloria Albert and Frances Williams
May 2007- Martine Craven
April 2007- Rosemary Pennington
March 2007- The Ness Family
February 2007- Pauline Fiorella
January 2007- Birmingham Southern College Students
December 2006- Kristin Johnson
November 2006- Emma Taylor
October 2006- Frank and Gerianne Savage
September 2006- Terri and Jon Cook
August 2006- Kristin Johnson
July 2006- Sara Coleman
June 2006- Devos Family
May 2006- Patt and Kent Lytle
April 2006- Pauline Fiorella
March 2006- Barbara Lawson
February 2006- Mickey Caruso
January 2006- Michele Smith
December 2005- Jill Rogers
November 2005- Fran Wells
October 2005- Jo Browning
September 2005- Steve Brobst
August 2005- Glenda and Nicole Hill
July 2005—Chris Maddox and Leslie Ott
June 2005—Cassie Ratliff, Youthserve
May 2005—Lynne Rogers and Megann Bates
April 2005— Terri Harris
March 2005— Megann Bates and Terri Cook
February 2005— Mallie Searcy and Maria Presley, Birmingham-Southern College
January 2005— Megann Bates
December 2004— Kenzi Rauth and Mattie Johnson
November 2004— Lynne Rogers, First Presbyterian Church
October 2004— Mattie Johnson, St. Paul’s Cathedral
September 2004—Lynne Rogers, First Presbyterian Church
August 2004—Susan Haskell, Independent Presbyterian Church, Nancy Skinner, Independent Presbyterian Church
July 2004—Laurie Thompson, Brookwood Baptist Church, Jenny Walker, First United Methodist Church