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Zontians Decorate First Light for the Holidays!

ZONTA PROJECTS - First Light Project by Patty Warren
Zonta "elves" spent a Sunday afternoon bringing Christmas cheer to the ladies at First Light Shelter. Christmas trees, wreathes, garlands, and Santas transformed the living spaces to sparkle with the joy of the season. The level of ingenuity and creativity you find in Zonta ladies was certainly evident...finding places to hang decorations and ways to support them presented a constant challenge. And then, there was the 6' tree that was missing the top section! So Zonta elves put their brilliant minds together (and a dowel and an angel and lots and lots and lots of tape) to fashion out a topping for the tree that would allow it to maintain its dignity.
"As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly" -- the whirlwind of decorations appeared, the "elves" left snacks and drinks for the residents. And then, in a twinkling, disappeared out the door. "Away they all flew like the down of a thistle." It was magic.
The "heard but not seen" resident black Scottie, Bruno, will find Santa left him his own stocking with a box of treats.
Thank you to Mary Lynn Bates, Jennifer Buettner, Linda DeMarco, Kathy Johnson, Elizabeth Livingston (Susan's daughter), Susan Livingston, Rukiya McClain, Susan Shepherd, Caroline Stern, Linda Carroll, Patty Warren (and the spirit of Debra Goldstein)!