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It's flu season!

The flu season has arrived! Around here, that means that we are reminding our staff, volunteers and guests to take basic precautions to stay healthy. It also means that we are preparing for the worst and praying that the worst doesn't come! In our preparations, we have realized the need for several supplies to help us stay healthy and take proper care of anyone who gets sick. Any donations of the following supplies would be greatly appreciated, and can be dropped off at our front desk any time.

Supply needs:
Kleenex (LOTS)
Thermometers (the strips would be great, or perhaps a temporal thermometer- something disposable or that can be re-used without the possibility of spreading sickness)
Cough syrup (alcohol free please)
Cough drops
Gatorade or PowerAde powder
Fresh fruit

We've placed hand-sanitizer and hand soap in all the right places around the building; we've had a nurse come in to teach our guests how to prevent sickness and how to know if they need to go to the doctor; we've talked with health professionals and service providers in the area to get the most accurate and up-to-date information; we've instituted a stricter routine of wiping down surfaces daily; and we've created an action plan should we have a case (or cases) of the flu at First Light. We are as prepared as prepared gets, and we appreciate any and all donations of the above items.

Thank you for your support as we try to keep the women and children we serve healthy!